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by Adekoya Boladale

Today, Nigerians woke up to one of the most bizarre news in our nations history.

Yesterday we slept as a democratic nation who not only respect the rule of law but also the dignity and sanctity of human life but woke up today to a military rule guarded with the mask of constitutionality.

The gestapo arrest of Judges across the Federation and most nauseating those of the Supreme Court is a direct assault against the tenets of democracy and the dignity of our nation has laid down by our founding fathers.

From 1987 till date, this is the first time a Southerner is up for the Chief Justice of Nigeria position and for him to have been whisked away in a coup under the supervision of arguably some elements of the Northern Mafiosos is saddening.

While it is important that we cleanse the Judiciary of corruption, such a move must be made with utmost respect for Human Rights.
Mr. President can not continue to select who to arrest and who not to.

For a President under whose acclaimed anti-corruption crusade watch, a so-called investigative panel affirmed that the Chief of Army Staff got his choice mansions in Dubai through proceed from a ‘snake farm’; his appointed Secretary of Government of the Federation carted away N270m meant for Internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the name of clearing the field; his Chief of Staff and Minister for Interior wallowing in various degrees of corrupt allegations, championing an anti-corruption crusade is nothing but a charade.

We must all stop this attempt to make mockery of our hard earned democracy.

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