Samsung shows off a 75-inch 4K ‘Wall’ TV made with MicroLEDs

Last year at CES Samsung showed off the modular MicroLED panels that make up its The Wall TV technology. This year it’s updated the tech in two directions — larger and smaller, and apparently even made it see-through? Tonight at an event in Las Vegas we’re seeing MicroLED panels used to create a 219-inch ‘The Wall’ and ‘The Window’ display — last year’s massive screen measured 146-inches — that prove it can build screens of any resolution, size or shape.

Samsung also announced a version of The Wall that might fit in more homes, with 4K resolution available in a 75-inch size. There’s no word on how much that will cost, but it’s more realistic for consumer use than the 34-foot movie theater screen the tech was originally made for. We’ll have more information on these screens and everything else Samsung is bringing to CES 2019 shortly, so check back for any updates.

Samsung The Wall 75-inch

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Source: Samsung
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