Parents of American killed in Nairobi say it felt like 9/11 all over again

Nairobi, Kenya — American Jason Spindler — one of at least 21 people who were killed when gunmen from the terror group Al-Shabab stormed a luxury hotel complex in Nairobi on Tuesday — survived the 9/11 attacks and gave up his Wall Street career to help others in developing countries. 

On Thursday, Spindler’s parents traveled to Kenya to bring their son home.

“We knew once we heard from the embassy there was no question. We were going to come here and bring him home,” said Joseph Spindler, his father. “We also wanted to meet with all his friends and thank them.”

ctm-clean-7am-cr470c-20190117-01-frame-30930.jpg Jason Spindler

When news broke that armed gunmen had stormed into an upmarket complex in Nairobi, Spindler’s parents said it felt like 9/11 all over again.

“He would have rushed in and tried to help people,” Joseph said.

“Who imagines that their child is killed in a terrorist attack?” said Sarah, his mother.

But the unimaginable had happened.

After 9/11, Spindler gave up his high-powered Wall Street job to invest in developing countries, believing it was the best way to reduce terrorism.

“Jason made an impression on everybody. He was energetic. He was handsome. He was thoughtful. He was intellectual. But yet, he was also a doer, an athlete, the all-American boy,” Joseph said.

Spindler’s parents plan on establishing a foundation to carry on their son’s work. The best weapon against hatred, they say, is to inspire love.

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