Man Stabbed in the Heart Walks 5 Blocks to the Hospital With Knife Sticking Out of His Chest

A New York man who was stabbed in the heart was then able to walk himself to a hospital.

NYPD officials say Mohamed Ramirez was attacked by an unknown assailant Monday night in the Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens at about 10 p.m.

With the blade still lodged in his chest, the 35-year-old managed to walk five blocks to a hospital, where he was able to check himself in.

This despite what doctors would soon find: The knife had pierced his heart.

Ramirez underwent emergency surgery.

“Wow, I have goosebumps,” a neighbor told CBS New York after learning of the attack, which at least one local said came as an extra shock because Ramirez seemed like a “good guy.” 

Ramirez is a former EMT. Police said it was unclear whether he knew his attacker.

The attack occurred in a neighborhood of family homes just blocks from where Ramirez lives.

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