Korg’s music-making Switch app offers Genesis and Taito game sounds

It stands to reason that a music creation app on a game console should have sound samples from consoles, doesn’t it? Korg certainly thinks so. It’s updating its Gadget app for the Switch with both a Sega Genesis-derived drum machine (Otorii) and a Taito arcade synth (Ebina). Both are as retro-looking as their names imply, and they each sample their fair share of classic games.

The Genesis machine includes snippets from better-known games like Golden Axe, Out Run and Space Harrier. The Taito kit, meanwhile, is more about deep cuts — there’s recognizable titles like Darius, but you might not be as familiar with titles like Kikikaikai or Metal Black.

Both components will be available through Nintendo’s eShop starting July 11th. It’s not certain how much they’ll cost. Unless the pricing is completely outlandish, though, it’ll likely be a small price to pay if you want to create chiptune-like compositions without resorting to exotic hardware.

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Via: MusicRadar
Source: Korg
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