Google searches for early voting hit an all time high

Donald Trump is urging early voters who have had second thoughts about their presidential choice to recall their ballots and change their minds. (Nov. 1) AP

If Google is any indication, there may be a lot of people casting their ballots early.

On Tuesday, Google Trends announced that searches for the question “where do I vote early?” have reached an all-time high. The question increased 3,200% from September to October.

The top five counties looking for “early voting” over the last 24 hours are all in Texas. The top five states for “early vote” searches are Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, Washington D.C., and Texas.

More than 24 million people have voted early in the 2016 election with more than half of those in battleground states. With one week to go until Election Day, the early turnout is nearly twice as high as it was at this point in 2012.

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