7.3 earthquake kills at least 160 in Iran, government says

MAP: Iran-Iraq earthquake

U.S. Geological Survey / NBC News

No large cities were near the epicenter, Blakeman said, but NBC News producers in the region said it was felt as far away as Tehran and Baghdad, which are about 460 miles and 170 miles away, respectively.

Still, Blakeman added, the region has many towns and villages and there will likely be serious damage, he said.

At her home in Irbil, about 170 miles northwest of the epicenter, Lana Serwan said the temblor lasted for a minute.

“Everything was shaking,” said Serwan, 35.

Another Irbil resident, Manar Ksebeh, 26, said he was in his 12th-floor apartment when he heard people running and shouting. So he fled down his building’s stairwell.

“I wanted to make sure I wasn’t feeling dizzy,” Ksebeh said.

Video from Sulaymānīyah, Iraq — 48 miles southeast of the epicenter — showed people fleeing a coffee shop as a glass door appeared to break. Video posted to social media

showed a swinging chandelier in an apartment in Israel and people who evacuated high-rise buildings in Kuwait lining the streets.

Thirteen miles from the epicenter, in Derbendîxan, Iraq, video showed a collapsed home.

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