Woman punched by manspreading maniac getting hate mail

The Brooklyn woman who was allegedly slugged by a “manspreading” subway maniac says she’s been getting racist, sexist hate mail online after going public about the attack — but she doesn’t regret speaking out.

“I did what I had to do … Looking back, I still would have done this” Sam Saia, 37, said Sunday.

Saia said she spoke out on Twitter and Facebook after police initially gave her the runaround when she tried to report the Thursday N train assault.

“The police have done right by me. They made it right,” she said.

NYPD probing why cops rebuffed woman reporting subway maniac

Her alleged assailant, Derek Smith, 56, was arrested Saturday and charged Sunday in Brooklyn Criminal Court with assault, menacing and harassment in the attack. He was ordered held on $5,000 bail.

Saia has pulled down several of her initial posts on the attack, and on Sunday, she shared a sampling of comments sent to her by trolls mocking her liberal social media presence by calling her a “n—-r lover” and a “race traitor.”

One dope actually tweeted “Dumb feminist gets a taste of reality and diversity.”

NYPD Transit detectives escort Derek Smith from the District 34 precinct in Coney Island on Nov. 19, 2017.

NYPD Transit detectives escort Derek Smith from the District 34 precinct in Coney Island on Nov. 19, 2017.

(Jeff Bachner/for New York Daily News)

“I just want people to back off at this point,” Saia said. “I’d like people to stop calling me a ‘race traitor’ and (saying that) if they’d see me on the street they’d punch me.”

But Saia said people who have recognized her on the street since the news of the attack went viral have kindly expressed support.

Saia was riding through Bensonhurst when Smith, who was sitting next to her, opened his legs wide, crowding her into the side of the subway car, she said.

When she asked him to give her some room, he started screaming at her, she said.

“B—h, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white b—–s like you, you f—g c–t!” the maniac yelled, according to Saia.

Smith then allegedly socked her in the mouth, splitting her lip and knocking her head against the wall of the subway car.

https://www.facebook.com/ProudSmartass https:/ witter.com/Proud_Smartass/status/931250826689040384

Samantha Saia (pictured), 37, was punched by Smith while riding the N train in Brooklyn on Nov. 16, 2017.

(Courtesy of Samantha Saia)

Another straphanger, Victor Conde, 29, came to Saia’s aid and told Smith to get off the train at the next stop. A cell phone video capturing the aftermath of the attack went viral.

The NYPD is probing how cops initially handled the attack.

Saia said she tried to report it at the 17th Precinct stationhouse in Midtown, but two desk officers told her she had to go to Transit District 34 in Brooklyn, which has jurisdiction over the subway line.

A cop there told her over the phone that she’d be wasting her time, since she could file a report anywhere. Saia said when she returned to the 17th after getting treated at a hospital, she got resistance from one of the same desk officers.

Cops caught up with Smith two days later.

He has two prior arrests, including one for sex abuse, cops said.

“I’m happy he was arrested,” Saia said. “I’m exhausted.” 

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