America’s Oldest Zoo Polar Bear ‘Coldilocks’ Get’s 37th Birthday Bash

‘Coldi’ has far outlived the average lifespan for her species in captivity.

A very old polar bear got a much deserved birthday bash at the Philadelphia Zoo this week.

Coldilocks, who turned 37, was honored with a special cake of peanut butter, honey, raisin and fish.

Coldi, for short, has far outlived the typical lifespan for captive members of her species, which is around 23.

She has the distinction of being the oldest captive polar bear in America, but she deserves to be celebrated for another reason.

Coldi has been without her mate of over three decades, Klondike, since he died in 2015.

To show her she’s still loved, Coldi was given the special cake, which even featured the number ’37’ in honor of her big day.

Video posted by the Philadelphia Zoo shows Coldi taking a nice big bite out of her cake.

She also appears to have received a gift, though it wasn’t clear exactly what was inside the wrapped box.

“Happy birthday to Coldilocks!” the zoo wrote on Facebook. “At 37 years old, Coldilocks in the oldest polar bear in the country! Join us tomorrow as we celebrate Coldi’s birthday with treats, presents, singing, BEARthday cake and more!”

According to the World Wildlife Foundation, polar bears are considered vulnerable with their numbers in rapid decline due to climate change. 

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