Woman who left kids for Germany trip slammed by ex-husband

The ex-husband of the Iowa woman busted for abandoning her kids to frolic in Germany says he’s irate with the allegations against her.

“I am really angry, but I wish I could say I am surprised, but I am not,” Matthew Macke told Inside Edition.

Mack was formerly married to Erin Lee Macke, who was arrested Thursday on charges she left her four kids back in Iowa while she went to Europe.

“In my eyes it was a clear, deliberate, intentional act,” said Macke, who is father to the accused’s two younger children.

Mother left her four young kids home alone to vacation in Germany

Cops were called to her Johnston, Iowa, home on Sept. 21, where they reportedly found her 12-year-old twins with their 7- and 6-year-old siblings.

Erin Lee Macke, 30, took off for Germany a day earlier for an 11-day trip, cops said, and she wasn’t due back until Oct. 1.


Erin Lee Macke was arrested this week on charges she abandoned her kids to visit Germany.

(Polk County Jail )

She was there to see her brother and niece, Johnston Police Lt. Lynn Aswegan told People.

By “all indications it was a social venture,” she told the magazine.

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Welfare officials took the children to be with relatives until their mother returned home.

She didn’t for another seven days, however. Cops arrested Macke when she landed stateside Thursday, charging her with four counts of child endangerment along with one count of making a firearm available to someone under 21.

“If she wants to take a vacation, more power to her,” her fuming ex-husband told Inside Edition. “But she has a responsibility as a parent.”

He added that the kids are “doing well.”

Baby found abandoned on side of road with birth certificate, cash


Matthew Macke slammed his ex-wife’s actions, but said he wasn’t surprised.

(Inside Edition)

His ex-wife appeared in court Friday, where she insisted her kids weren’t by themselves, according to Inside Edition.

She was later released on bail and is due back in court on Oct. 17, People reported.

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