Texas father shoots, kills Popeye’s robbery suspect who threatened family, police say

A father eating at a Popeye’s restaurant — and carrying his licensed handgun — shot a would-be robber dead Wednesday after the thief threatened the man’s family at gunpoint and demanded the dad’s belongings.

The San Antonio Police Department said Ander Herrera, 19, walked into the restaurant on South Flores Street just after 9 p.m. Wednesday and demanded Carlos Molina hand over his cash.

Molina, 32, said he had no money because he had just bought his family a meal. The gunman then turned toward the counter and started yelling at a manager who was trying to take cover, FOX29 reported.

Authorities said two more members of Molina’s family came out of a restroom amid the commotion and the suspect pointed his gun at them.

Molina then whipped out his gun and shot Herrera several times, killing him.

It wasn’t clear if any charges would be filed in connection with the incident, but officers said they believe Molina fired at Herrera in defense of a third person, FOX29 reported.

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