See the Moment German Shepherd Is Reunited With Family After He Was Mistakenly Flown to Japan

United Airlines had apparently sent the family dog, Irgo, to Japan instead of a Great Dane that wound up in Kansas City.

A Missouri family has been reunited with their dog after the German shepherd was mistakenly flown to Japan this week.

Irgo was supposed to fly from Denver to Kansas City after his family moved from Oregon. Instead, he wound up 11,000 miles away. 

“It has been a nightmare,” Kara Swindle said of the ordeal. 

She said her son was crying when they realized the dog was not with them. 

But still, Swindle says the airline botched a situation that could have been avoided.

“United really needs to step up and pay attention to what they are doing,” she added. 

Irgo flew first class and was given VIP treatment from Japan back to the United States when he was reunited with his family Thursday night. 

The dog touched down just fine and the reunion was everything the family could have hoped for. 

Swindle says Irgo is exhausted and restless, adding that he needs to relax and a good night’s rest. 

The family is considering legal action over the mix-up.

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