Friday’s Morning Email: What The Net Neutrality Repeal Means For You


(Aaron Bernstein / Reuters)




  • “5 years ago, a man with a gun slaughtered 20 children. And we have done little about it.”

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda is arguing that Congress: should help Puerto Rico because it’s “politically smart,” and more importantly, people are suffering.

  • That time Donald Trump Jr. seemed to forget his dad appointed the current FCC head.

  • Trump’s “fast food favor.”

  • How Trump has benefited from the “chain migration” he blamed for Monday’s terrorist attack.

  • Inside Australia’s devastating child sex abuse report.

  • The turmoil consuming The New York Times over the Glenn Thrush investigation.

  • Ted Cruz got trolled very, very hard about his stance on net neutrality.

  • Since when did Cody Simpson grow up?

  • This TV meteorologist is over the flat-earth movement.

  • How could they possibly have contemplated this super dark version of “Toy Story 3?”

  • That time Robin Roberts said “bye Felicia” to Omarosa Manigault Newman on air and Omarosa responded by telling “Inside Edition” “It’s a black woman civil war.”

  • Actresses are planning on wearing black at the Golden Globes to protest sexual harassment.

  • We love Selena Gomez’s birthday wishes for Taylor Swift.

  • How the growing worldwide demand for vanilla is changing farmers’ everyday work in Madagascar.

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