Breathtaking Photos Show The ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ Around The World

(Anton Vaganov / Reuters)

A rare “super blue blood moon” had space enthusiasts across the world in awe Wednesday. 

People living in certain parts of the Western Hemisphere were able to catch a glimpse of an unusually large, glowing red moon Wednesday morning that NASA scientists have dubbed a “lunar trifecta.”

The celestial phenomenon occurs when there’s a full moon for the second time in a month, known as a “blue moon,” that is also at its closet point in orbit to Earth, known as a “supermoon.” To top it off, it all happens during a total lunar eclipse, which gives the moon a reddish glow as it passes through the Earth’s shadow.

The results were stunning for some viewers, especially those closest to the eclipse’s path of totality, which included the western part of North America, Australia and parts of Asia, according to



The “super blood blue moon” is seen from Bangkok’s cityscape. 


(Damir Sagolj / Reuters)

The moon is seen between British and Chinese flags raised at Tiananmen Square in Beijing as British Prime Minister Theresa May visited China’s capital on Jan. 31, 2018.

Hong Kong

(Bobby Yip / Reuters)

The moon shown behind an office building in Hong Kong.

Brooklyn, New York

(Eduardo Munoz / Reuters)

The moon sets behind the Staten Island Ferry, seen from Brooklyn.


(ROSLAN RAHMAN via Getty Images)

A cable car gondola moves past the moon in Singapore.

(Tim Chong / Reuters)

The moon rises over an apartment block.


(Mike Blake / Reuters)

The moon is shown over the ocean in Oceanside, California.

(Mike Blake / Reuters)

The moon rises over Balboa Park’s California Tower in San Diego.

(ROBYN BECK via Getty Images)

A person poses for a photo as the moon rises over Griffith Park in Los Angeles. 

(ROBYN BECK via Getty Images)

A plane flies passing the moon over Los Angeles. 

(David McNew via Getty Images)

The moon rises over the Mojave Desert.

St. Petersburg, Russia

(Anton Vaganov / Reuters)

The moon is seen behind the under business tower Lakhta Center, which is under construction.


(BAY ISMOYO via Getty Images)
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