Authorities in Arkansas implemented a zero-tolerance policy against the creepy clowns that keep haunting residents.

Cross County Sheriff J.R. Smith posted a message on Facebook Tuesday to announce that the county had seen a clown sighting. Smith said there’s been one report of four men dressed as clowns in Wynne.

Smith said he’s not going to tolerate the intimidation tactics of the creepy individuals.

“If someone wishes to dress up and conceal their identity with the intent to scare or harass our citizens, they will be arrested and transported to the sheriff’s office,” Smith wrote on the social media page. “Not one citizen should be or will be subjected to this act of foolishness.”

Smith addressed questions about whether being dressed as a clown would be ground for arrest. He explained that only those with the intent to intimidate and hide their identities behind a mask would be arrested.

“Were not talking about someone dressed as clown such as Bozo,” Smith wrote.

Reports of “killer clowns” have surfaced in three others states – Virginia, Florida and Colorado – leaving several towns shaken.

Authorities in those states haven’t been able to locate the clowns.

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