11 Questions You Should Be Able To Answer Before You Get Married

No big life discussion should be off the table when you’re engaged to be married, but experts say some conversations are absolutely non-negotiable.  

Below, marriage therapists share 11 questions you should ask your partner and have answers to before walking down the aisle. 

1. How do you define monogamy?

2. Do you have any debt I should know about?

3. What’s your hidden passion or dream job?

4. What’s the most reliable way to make you orgasm?

5. How do you handle stress?

6. If you could change one personality characteristic or tick about yourself, what would it be and why?

7. Do you want kids?

8. Do you have anger issues, and if you do, are you working on managing them?

9. If we experience a rough patch in our relationship, are you willing to go to therapy?

10. Do you think it’s my responsibility to make you happy?

11. What’s your biggest sexual fantasy?

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.
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